Bushra + Colin Engagement Photography

One of the great things about living in Orange County is that no matter where you are, you are just minutes away from so many amazingly beautiful locations. There’s an endless list of beautiful, natural areas and modern contemporary landmarks that are ready for you to explore… and what better time to do so than at your engagement photography session?

After the initial brainstorming session, Bushra, Colin and I decided to go with a country, chic, rustic look for the engagement photography session. We picked out two main locations that provide the natural backdrop we need for the rustic country feel and the hip modern city looks. We had a great deal of fun shooting and mixing the different styles of casual, playful, and romantic photos! Below are some of the photos from Bushra and Colin’s engagement photography session. Hope you enjoy them!

walking in the woods
happiness colin holding bushra
bushra colin engagement photography session


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