Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez at Career College of California Graduation – Santa Ana Event Photography

I was very excited when VU Photography got commissioned to provide photography coverage for Career College of California’s graduation ceremony. The event was hosted at the Bowers Museum of Cultural Arts, located in the heart of Santa Ana, Orange County. It was a huge opportunity for me to cover such an event and I knew it was going to be an entirely different experience than the usual weddings and more personal events I had been doing. I was even more thrilled when I learned that the guest of honor speaker was going to be the congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. I knew this event was going to be big and I was right. It was an unforgettable night full of energy, excitements and emotional speeches that moved people’s hearts.

I hope I was able to captured some of the emotions that was in the auditorium that night. Below are some of the documented photos of the events. Let me know what you think in the comments area at the bottom of this gallery.

Bowers Museum Auditorium Ceiling Lighting

Above is the ceiling of the museum’s auditorium. I just love how cool the ceiling lighting is designed. Below are the diplomas waiting to be given out to the students graduating.

California Career College diplomas for the graduating students

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez going over the ceremony schedule.

preparing for the speech

Students and faculty excitedly waiting for the ceremony to begin.

students waiting excitedly to go inside
Bowers Museum Auditorium
Caleb Everett speaking at graduation
national anthem students

Above and below: Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’s speech and life story. She was (as usual) full of energy and passion.


The Valedictorian’s speech: proud, honest and moving.

Veledictorian speech
Loretta Sanchez embracing a graduate student
Passing out diploma
Heartfelt moment

The proud graduates celebrated by turning their tassels to the left.

Turning the tassels
happy students


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