Engagement Photography Tips by Wedding Photographer

For many years now, engagement photography sessions have been an important and special experience for so many couples in the run up to their wedding. Engagement photo sessions are a great way to spend some quality time together before your big day, providing an easy way for you and your photographer to get to know each other and talk about the final plans for your wedding.  They’re also great for easing you into the process of having your pictures taken and let you feel more at ease before the big day.  Since they are less formal than wedding photography, engagement photography sessions can be a great opportunity to bring out some of your creative ideas. Finally, engagement photography sessions are the perfect occasion to capture those stunning images of you both as a couple saying goodbye to one stage of your relationship before the big leap.  So here are some of my top engagement photography tips for making the session a fun, personal and memorable experience!

1. Location

Pick a place that is meaningful to you as a couple.  Think of your history together.  If you met at the library, you could do some of your shoots there.  It’s also a good idea to think about the backdrop of your location.  Try to pick places that have interesting character, such as an old brick wall, a gorgeous garden, or colorful doorways.  This is important as it provides variety to your photos and adds a unique depth.

engagement photography tips location

Seasons can also be factored in and used to enhance the beauty of your images.  If you are taking your pictures in autumn for example, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of the tree colors with their hues of red, yellow, and orange and pick a location that displays such backdrops.

2. Hobbies

Your personal hobbies and interests are great ways to infuse personality into your pictures! For example, if you and your significant other are into biking, you should consider a bike scene. If you both love football, you could include shots of you two wearing your favorite team’s jerseys. If you both love to travel the world, a travel theme engagement photography session might be just what you want to do.

lee and trang traveling beach

3. Makeup and Hair

Since engagement photos last a lifetime, you really want to look your very best.  It’s a great occasion for girls to give themselves a “pro” treatment and have their makeup and hair done professionally.  If you plan on doing your own makeup and hair, it’s best to keep your look natural.  Engagement photography sessions are not a good time to try a new lipstick or foundation without knowing how they will look in photos!

better engagement photography tips

4. Colors

Choose colors in the same color palette or those that go well together.  Try to keep your look classic and stay away from clothing with motifs or big wording. Style it up! For example, if you are shooting in the winter, try adding fun accessories such as thick knit scarves, beanies, and your favorite pair of knee boots. If shooting in summer, pop in some color by wearing a bold color shoe, scarf, or headband.  For more on colors, check out our recent report on top wedding color trends.


5. Props

Props are always a good idea! Think about the location and theme of your engagement photography session and choose props that might go with your theme.  For example,  if you’ve chosen a picnic theme, you could include a cute wooden picnic basket, a cute blanket, vintage or colorful plates and utensils, a small bouquet of flowers, and delicious looking food such as tarts, cupcakes, and fruits.


Remember that props should be stylish.  Pre-made sandwiches in a freezer bag would not be a good idea. Props are also a great way to make a shoot really unique and all your own. If you have a creative side, you could even try making a lot of your own props! Think hand made banners and signs.

I hope these tips help you for your future engagement photography session.  My very last advice would be to have fun! Don’t fret over the small things and try to have as much fun as possible as it will really show up in your pictures!

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