Stacey + Danny : Pasadena City Hall Engagement Photography

It’s crazy how time flies but I first met Stacey at an engagement ceremony 5 years ago. I remember her shy smile and warm personality. I was ecstatic when she got engaged to Danny and contacted me for an engagement photo shoot. Stacey and Danny have been together for the last couple of years but they first met all the way back from high school. Talk about how time flies again! I guess for a lot of people (myself included), we all went our separate ways after high school and sometimes all those connections are forever lost to us. So how Stacey and Danny managed to reconnect and become lovers after all these years is something I find very inspirational. Seeing them in love and being able to capture those special moments through my lens is like a retelling of a nostalgic love story. Stacey and Danny, congrats and I hope you enjoy these pictures just as much as I enjoy taking them.

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