Top Wedding Color Trends- Must Read!

Choosing the right colors for one’s wedding can be a difficult decision for struggling brides in the planning process of her wedding.  Here is a list of some of the top wedding color trends that will be popular for the coming year. (Images credit: Pinterest)

Mint Green

Mint green is a beautiful color that has recently made it to the top wedding color trends chart.  It continues to make a splash at several of the wedding we’ve been to since the beginning of the year.   Representing life and freshness, mint green is the perfect color for a spring or summer wedding.  Mint’s vintage vibe is also perfect for rustic or indie weddings.


Coral Wedding Color Palettes

Coral is another one of top wedding color trends that has been gaining traction in the last few years.  It’s continued popularity will venture into 2014 as one of the top wedding color trends. Coral is one of those unique colors that can be transformed to fit any palette.   Some corals are bold and vibrant while others are soft and dreamy. Pair coral with a light blue or green color such as mint green to create a charming vintage style wedding or with a chocolate brown and grey for a hip and modern wedding.


Women in taupe colored bridesmaid dresses

Like ivory and gold, taupe is refined and elegant while maintaining a sense of rawness. This is one of the top wedding color trends for weddings that want to blend the traditional with the modern. Pairing well with bolder colors such as red, plum, or gold, taupe is a color that can be used any season.

Aqua blue

Aqua blue flower cake
A favorite of beach brides, this fresh and vibrant color can easily match any kind of wedding palette.  While most popular with beach-themed weddings, this color can also be paired with ivory or gold for a classic feel as well as a darker color such as a chocolate brown for a modern touch.

Yellow and Black

Black and yellow is a new take on the traditional white and black palette.  When used in small doses and in unexpected ways, yellow can add a special touch to the classic black and white palette as it helps to add a burst of cheerfulness. Yellow is a rustic wedding as it does in modern wedding.

Teal and Purple

teal and purple succulents
In weddings, purple’s glamorous and grown-up side is perfectly balanced with teal’s fun and vibrant side. In combination, these colors emulate the gorgeous feathers of a peacock which have been known to symbolize beauty, strength, and never-ending love.

Lime Green

Lime green in weddings reveals a modern and fun sensibility.  Though it could scream “pop princess” when paired with a color such as candy pink, lime green is great for a pop of color in a classical setting, for use in an eco-conscious wedding, or as an as a bold statement in unconventional and unique bouquets.

Mixed Colors

Same bridesmaid dresses in different colors

Bridal parties today are becoming more creative in styles and colors.  Today, it is not uncommon to see mismatched bridesmaids.  The options are endless.  Brides can choose to pick an exact dress in different tones of the wedding palette.  This is great for giving an added pop of color.  Brides can also choose one to three different styles and colors and let their bridesmaids determine what fits them best or brides.  There is also the free style option where bridesmaids have complete freedom in colors and style.  At Vu Photography, we believe that this will be one of the top wedding color trends for years to come.

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