Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Photography

Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Photography

All across the world, the wedding is one of the most symbolic and positive ceremonies possible. The traditional Vietnamese wedding is one of the most important cultural ceremonies in Vietnam. The Vietnamese weddings take large parts of their influence from Confucian and Buddhist ideologies.

The Vietnamese wedding is so beautiful, it just has to be captured by a Vietnamese wedding photographer. With the unique Nguyen Dynasty being the basis for most of the clothing worn the Vietnamese wedding takes on a very old school approach. Embroidered with symbols like the phoenix, they carry serious cultural heritage.

The traditional Vietnamese engagement ceremony (sometimes referred to as the tea ceremony) takes place a year and a half before the wedding. Because, in Vietnam, many marriages are arranged it means that engaged couples could meet for the first time on their engagement night, although this is no longer in practice in most areas.

Weddings need to have the best quality of photography to ensure that your day is captured in the best light possible – this is why we have spent so long rendering our service, the way we talk to our clients, how we meet your needs and also our pricing structures to ensure we offer the friendliest, most competitively priced Vietnamese Wedding Photography service possible.

Having been present for more than NUMBER of Vietnamese weddings, we are more than aware of the timeline and how the wedding proceeds. We also know the best way to get all of the best photographs which will not only show off the most glamorous features of the day, but also the most culturally diverse.

If you have any questions at all about the traditional Vietnamese wedding, whether you require photography assistance or just some helpful ideas, we have a wealth of knowledge available which can help you generate more ideas and pick the best possible services for your Traditional Vietnamese Wedding photography needs.

Your Wedding Day deserves to have the very best possible, so let us provide you with quality photography which will capture every moment of the day from start to finish. Contact Us today if you have any questions whatsoever, and we can provide you with all the answers you need.

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